Roberto Castaldi and Giuseppe Martinico

This special issue is the result of a long project started within the activity of one of the working groups created at the Centre for Studies on Federalism, Turin, almost three years ago, namely the working group on “the EU and its institutional reforms” chaired by Prof. Antonio Padoa Schioppa, Emeritus Professor of Law at the University of Milan and former President of the Centre for Studies on Federalism.

Edoardo Bressanelli

Political Parties at the European level (Europarties) have traditionally been regarded as weak actors in the EU political system. Yet, this assessment fails to correctly describe the role that the Europarties play in different arenas. The parliamentary parties are responsible to organize the workings of the European Parliament (EP) and have developed strong organizational structures over time. In contrast, the Europarties remain weak in the electoral arena, and in performing a linkage function connecting the EU citizens and institutions. Thus, this article presents the ‘state of the art’ o [...]
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