Robert F. Williams

Giacomo Delledonne, Giuseppe Martinico and Patricia Popelier have edited a symposium collecting some of the papers presented at the latest IACL World Congress in Oslo. The symposium tries to develop a framework for comprehensive analysis of subnational constitutions and offers a number of elements for further reflection.

G. Delledonne - G. Martinico - P. Popelier

This special issue of the journal, which collects some of the papers presented at the latest World Congress of the International Association of Constitutional Law in Oslo, is entirely devoted to subnational constitutionalism. Its approach is mainly comparative and interdisciplinary. The symposium is divided into three sections: theoretical problems, national reports, and comparative analyses. The papers deal with ever-recurring issues, as well as with emerging discussions (e.g., the debates about secession in Scotland and Catalonia, and the drafting of a “Charter” for Flanders).
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