Roberto Castaldi

A first attempt at politicizing the European elections occurred in 2014. Its main pillar was the selection and indication of party candidates to the post of Commission president by the main European political parties and groups. If the Parliament obtains that the first nomination be given to the party candidate of the group with the most seats in the EP, namely Jean-Claude Juncker, it would probably also rally behind that candidate and ensure his election. This would have long-lasting short-, medium- and long-term effects on inter-institutional relations and European integration that need to b [...]

John Law

While the study of federalism has in many respects reached an advanced stage today, there nevertheless remains a troubling absence of agreement as to the precise meaning of the concept. It is subject to multiple definitions, which overlap with one another in various ways and sometimes conflict. This leads to material negative consequences for both academic research and public policy, which can no longer be overlooked. The article confronts the problem by reviewing what the social science theory of concepts teaches for the construction of methodologically sound definitions of concepts. It emplo [...]
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