Can Asymmetrical Constitutional Arrangements Provide an Alternative Answer for the Disputed? Bringing Constitutional Asymmetries into Play in the Middle East Peace Process

Written by Maja Sahadžić   
Most traditional federal theory remains rooted in the notion that asymmetrical constitutional arrangements within a state structure are somewhat exceptional. According to contemporary federal theory, however, recent systems are multi-tiered and multinational, producing asymmetrical responses by default. In addition to suggesting that asymmetrical solutions are often required, this implies that some degree of constitutional asymmetry may provide grounds for the sustainability of the system. To this end, a more comprehensive approach is needed to investigate constitutional asymmetries as a mechanism for accommodating diversity in the Middle East peace process. It will require establishing a framework based on a notion of asymmetrical multi-tiered multinational systems, as well as exploring this framework to identify an alternative solution in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
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Published on Wednesday, 20 May 2020 14:26
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