Scientific Committee

Federalism is a relevant object of study for different academic disciplines such as political science, law, economics, history, political theory and philosophy, sociology, etc. Therefore Perspectives on Federalism has set up a strongly interdisciplinary scientific committee. The members of the Scientific Committee constitute a privileged pool of peer reviewers at disposal of the journal with regards to the different academic disciplines of the articles sumbitted for publication.


Scientific Committee:


Filippo Andreatta, Paola Bilancia, Albert Breton, Raimondo Cagiano de Azevedo, Stefan Collignon, Paul De Grauwe, Bruno de Witte, Søren Dosenrode, Michel Dumoulin, Maurizio Ferrera, Andreas Føllesdal, Peter Häberle, Michel Keating, Alfonso Iozzo, Jean-Victor Louis, Miguel Poiares Maduro, Alberto Majocchi, Petros Mavroidis, Peter-Christian Müller Graff, Antonio Padoa Schioppa, Gianfranco Pasquino, Jo Shaw, Nadia Urbinati, Pascaline Winand.

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